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Jacques Barrett & Joel Creasey MICF Preview Double Header

Jacques Barrett & Joel Creasey MICF Preview Double Header
27.03.2011 - 28.03.2011 19.00 h - 21.30 h
Sun 27 March 7pm
9357 1419

Two of Australia’s hottest rising stars of comedy, Jacques Barrett and Joel Creasey, preview their solo shows for The Melbourne International Comedy Festival in a huge double header show – one night only Sunday 27th March at 7pm at Sydney’s Comedy Store. This is a one off chance to catch both these shows in one big kick arse comedy show – don’t miss this!

First up will be Joel Creasey with his show POLITICAL ANIMAL
Paul Keating famously once said 'politicians are just ugly celebrities' and Joel Creasey couldn't agree more with him. In 'Political Animal', Joel tackles a subject which has long been considered taboo, politics, and proves just how rockstar it really is.

Next on stage will be the killer from Chinchilla Mr Jacques (pronounce it how you want) Barrettwith his show EXPORT QUALITY
Jacques is at the forefront of the rapidly expanding Australian comedy scene, he's among a talented bunch of rising stars whose unique brand of performance take a crowd on a journey they never thought possible.  A style of comedy that is at once original but widely accessible, he never leaves a crowd disappointed.

This festival season Jacques brings a subject close to his heart to life on stage in his solo-show 'Export Quality'. A showcase of Jacques' performance skill and rich tapestry of impressions and characters.

He explores the dangerous time ahead for the Australian image on the world stage.  Keeping a lid on Australia's dark side is becoming harder and harder.  Airlines continue to drop their ticket prices and the flood gates have opened washing unspectacular obnoxious Australian's onto overseas shores.

The bogan truth about Australia is on display all over this Earth and unless we exercise some cultural quality control the secret will be out and we will garner a stereotype worse than America when Bush was in office.  It may be too late.
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