The Comdey Store is now accepting Discover Vouchers for the Sydney Comedy Festival!

Please forward the PDF version of your Discover Voucher (not the screenshot of the app) by email to [email protected] and include the following details: 

Full name:
Email address:
Event name:
Event date and time:
Total number of tickets you with to purchase:
Voucher codes:

Providing the show still has tickets available and is not sold out, we can process your ticketing request.

Upon providing your voucher codes, you agree to have your vouchers redeemable value credited towards the total ticket price, and pay the balance of the ticket price along with the associated booking fees.

We are able to redeem the voucher/s presented through the Dine and Discover app, and providing they are redeemable, valid and have not been previously used.

We are able to apply the Dine and Discover credit value of $25 towards the total ticket price. You will still be subject to all booking fees and charges.

We will contact you once processed to confirm status of your vouchers.

Please refer to booking site for further information and terms and conditions applicable.