Buckle up, kids. We’re going on a road trip

It’s been a big couple of years for all of us, but Rad Dad and all-round top bloke, Harley Breen is ready to make up for lost time in a cracking night of radness!

What’s he been up to? Not much.

No wait.. he’s had another kid, moved house, filmed a TV show, had his truck ‘Fiona’ stolen, been the face of a beer cologne (of course) and packed three kids into a mid-size SUV  as he tried to cross three states to outrun a pandemic.

It’s been relentess.

The phrase “good decision” gets thrown around a lot, but not in this show.

The host of TV’s Making It and Taboo, Harley is back on stage with his powerhouse brand of comedy, so you can laugh at the kind of stupidity, unique to the Breen-iverse. Everything is content!

Relentless is relentless entertainment. You can breath when you leave.