Mystery Flight is a comedy variety show giving audiences the chance to visit destinations they could only dream of while locked inside during a global pandemic. It’s a chance to get up close and personal with the wild and wacky celebrities and characters here in Aus and around the world.

Gone are the days of a political revue show or one straight white man doing stand up for 60 minutes. Mystery Flight involves comedy, impressions, sketch, dance, music and heaps of warm nuts.

Passengers embark on a multiple destination journey that is as surprising as the elaborate safety demonstration. With the all the class from air travel in the 60s and all the sass from premium economy. Elouise Eftos & Ruby Teys are your air hostesses with the mostesses and their flight crew involves a diverse range of impressionists, improvisers, theatrical performers and comedians. Think SNL but on Ansett and with a little bit of foul language, sequins and g string leotards.

Previous shows have not only showcased the finest local talent but also ‘celebrity’ guests, including Donatella Versace, Prime Minister Scott Morrison & Jerry Seinfeld. Once seatbelts are fastened passengers are treated to a wide range of in flight entertainment, incorporating nostalgia, topical news stories, song & dance to have the audience engaged and laughing from take off to landing. If you’re lucky you might even get an invitation to join the Mile High Club.

*Please note that all tickets come with a complimentary glass of bubbles upon arrival so that you may fly in style!