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BRENDON BURNS - Why Oz Day Can Sod Off

BRENDON BURNS - Why Oz Day Can Sod Off
28.01.2017 - 29.01.2017 19.15 h - 20.15 h
SAT 28 JAN, 7:15PM
$30 + bf, Door price: $35
(02) 9357 1419

"The comic who gave the Fringe the greatest ending in its history, with So I Suppose This Is Offensive Now, has pretty much done it again" **** Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

The Edinburgh festival smash hit comes to Sydney. Edinburgh award winner 2007, Brendon Burns brings his uncompromising critically acclaimed show to their home town.

Addressing black/white relations in Australian comedy has always been a no go, unless of course you count Kevin bloody Wilson. And that just seems to entail finding words that rhyme with habbo and noon, if you catch our drift.

Burns sets his sights way higher, perhaps higher than anyone ever has. Australia needs to have a nuanced intelligent conversation beyond, “racism is bad” and “racism doesn’t exist”. He has some ideas on how this might be achieved and want to share them in this funny, punchy yet not preachy show.

Race Off is a show about personal accountability with a massive sting in it’s tail. As Burns addresses some very uncomfortable home truths, hilariously and unapologetically.

In 27 years of performing all over the globe this is his most unanimously positive reviewed show ever:

"Brendon Burns has always loved wrong-footing his audience....he does it again in this hour about race and identity" **** The List

"One of the true comedy genius’s still performing"
***** One 4 Review

"A soliloquy of humour and righteous indignation and it’s wonderful"
***** Young Perspective

"(a) very rarely heard point of view, which will fuel further investigations into race."
**** Chortle

"hilarious but eye-opening" **** Ed Fest Magazine

"a show readying and honing to launch onto a resistant Australia" **** Fest Magazine

We are a licensed venue and therefore all patrons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. It is advised to all parents/guardians that material may not be suitable. Accompanying an under age patron is at the discretion of the parent/guardian.  In the case the event stipulates over 18s only, under age patrons will not be permitted into the theatre.

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