It's difficult to describe a Dusty Rich show, by design.

It's similar to describing the feeling of slipping into a warm bath but then when trying to add soothing warm water the shower head turns on and sprays you with ice-cold water and your skin jumps out of the tub before you do.

It's comforting but shocking like a taco with a jalapeno surprise.

He has dedicated his life to the art form of unhinged flippant frivolity at a velocity that puts the speed of light into question. Why not measure the time it takes to get somewhere by the speed of Dusty Rich's comedic cacophony?

You've never seen a comedian like this before and you won't again even if you see him in back-to-back shows. He performs like a supernatural being that organises its molecules into a recognisable carbon life form for the duration of the performance then dissipates into the atmosphere never to be repeated. Each show is an anomalous collection of hilarious moments barely organised into a standard unit of time measurement.

He has appeared on stages for 14+ Earth years through the medium of stand-up comedy. Played all the festivals, all the venues, opened for all the big comedians, has had all the newsprint and digital print media say all the things their human minds could conjure. But none of that really matters to you, dear reader. If you've gotten this far in the Event synopsis written in the third person by the subject of the synopsis it's likely you're committed. So just purchase the ticket and attend a moment in your life that will define all the other moments. Come and behold and be changed.

Or don't. Either way, your attendance does not validate the existence of Dusty Rich. but it does validate the existence of you. If you're not there on the night, Dusty Rich will have no idea you exist.

Exist with Dusty Rich at least for a few shared extraordinarily humorous moments.