Join us for the Grand Final of Australia's wildest improvised comedy competition! At the Cagefight OLYMPIAD, comedians will be given all sorts of challenges on stage as they battle for comedy glory, a giant trophy and a CASH prize.

YOU - the audience - will be voting and deciding who wins.

The Cagefight OLYMPIAD Grand Final follows two months of sudden-death matches at the weekly Sydney show: the Improv Comedy Cagefight.

At the Grand Final, six teams of comedians will have to undergo three challenges - decided by our Wheel Of Misfortune. They'll wow you with their wit and humour. The audience will choose the top two teams, who will face off against each other at the end of the night in a last ditch effort to win more audience support.

The audience will crown the winning team, which will walk away with $500 cash.

The Improv Comedy Cagefight is run by the Sydney Comedy School. Tickets to our weekly show are available here. Information about our performers is available on our Instagram Page.


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