Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout WIL? is a completely improvised night of stand-up comedy. Every show is completely different, made up on the spot with the help of the audience.

“Lightning in a bottle.” ★★★★½ The Sydney Morning Herald, 2022

"Wil Anderson is a master at finding humanity in the strangest things." ★★★★ Time Out, 2022

 “Ever-slick, Anderson’s experience shows throughout, from the easy to-and-fro with the crowd to the unlabored structure that subtly underpins the 70 minutes, sending the audience out into the Melbourne streets fully satisfied.” Chortle

“Savage intelligence and rapid-fire riffing, Wil Anderson confronts humanity head-on.” Time Out

“An absolute comedy masterclass. Even the unscripted crowd work is pure bliss.” Melbourne Lyf