Double Trouble

One Ticket - Two Shows!

Azeem Banatwalla - Triple Threat

Azeem Banatwalla is a comedian, Indian and Muslim. He never asked to be any of these things. But as it turns out, he’s all of them. Triple Threat is Azeem Banatwalla’s debut show at Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Through humour and satire he attempts to solve a crisis of identity that affects millions (or maybe just himself); with observations and stories that should be more informative (but ultimately less entertaining) than TV news debates.

Performed in English.

'Effortlessly likeable.' The Hindu

'Observational work so strong, it doesn't even take a punchline to get a laugh.' Deadant

Anirban Dasgupta - Polite Provocation

Get ready for sardonic cynicism and big laughs as the smart and relatable Anirban Dasgputa returns to Sydney for his solo debut. Anirban delves into life in India weaving through three generations of his family's journey from British India to the present, with the recent birth of his daughter prompting the question: what world did he bring his child into? A world full of war, misinformation, disease and division? Is there hope after all?

Coming from Kolkata and now rocking Mumbai, Anirban is not just a stand-up comedian; he's a screenwriter and a new dad with a style that's uniquely his own. Once a corporate hotshot, he's graced stages across India and the globe, smashing the prestigious Just For Laughs in Montreal and last year’s Melbourne Comedy Festival’s Best of Comedy Zone Asia. With widespread acclaim from his first stand-up special Take It Easy on Amazon Prime Video and the popular dark comedy series Afsos, you can expect a wild ride from this comedy maestro.

Performed in English.

'His astute sense of observation, crisp writing, and stage persona have made him stand out as a favourite no matter what country he performs in.' Film Companion

'Astounds, astonishes and amazes with his wit and comic timing.' NDTV (India)

‘He’s fantastic from the very beginning.’ Lilithia 

‘Dasgupta is suave, smooth, and an international veteran.’ ★★★★ Beat Magazine