Sunday Singles: Where Comedy and Romance Collide in an Unforgettable Game Show 

Step into a world where laughter fuels romance, and singles events get a groundbreaking makeover. Witness a revolution in the dating scene that’s sweeping across Australia with its unique blend of comedy and connection. 

Our charismatic comedian hosts are at the helm, inviting adventurous audience volunteers for a spotlight moment. Watch as they navigate through a series of hilarious blind dates and offbeat questions, all in pursuit of that elusive spark with someone across the stage. 

Dive into the fun with our anonymous ballot boxes – your secret vault for those hilarious dating tales, cringe-worthy 'icks', and those too-good-not-to-share pick-up lines. It’s a sharing session like no other, echoing with laughter from shared experiences and bold confessions. 

Whether you’re up for the thrill of the stage or prefer to cheer on the volunteers from your seat, Sunday Singles offers an evening filled with amusement, laughs and potential connections. This isn’t just a show; it’s a must-see spectacle that redefines your dating experience.  

Don’t just hear about it; be part of the story at Sunday Singles – where every laugh brings you closer to maybe, just maybe, that special someone.