Thursdays at the Comedy Store are your chance to see the same huge house hold names, exciting secret guests, and hand picked hot new faces, all for less!

Add in some extra hilarious salt and pepper to get this variety stew cooking, and this Thrifty Thursday offering can become the funniest park of your week. Don't snooze, we're cooking up a comedy storm!


Ash Fils Aime

Mandy Nolan

Justin Hamilton

Tor Snyder

Jake Howie

Carolyn Swindell

Elliott Stewart

Ray Badran

Ahmed Zubb

🍹ALL TICKETS come with included drinks or non-alcoholic treats🍹

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Premium Package With Dessert Upgrade For Two

  • 2x Upgrade to Premium Seating
  • 1x Premium Bottle of Wine or Sparkling
  • 1x Cheese Platter (Serves 2)

Premium Package With Dessert Upgrade For Four

  • 4x Upgrade to Premium Seating
  • 1x Premium Bottle of Wine or Sparkling
  • 2x Cheese Platters (Serves 4)
  • 4x Ice Cream